Tools needed

We will use the following tools:

  • A browser, capable to display HTML 5. Currently Supported are Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Other browsers like Safari will work as well.
  • An SSH client. I usually use putty for this. You don’t need to install putty, instead, putting the .exe file into windows directory would be sufficient.
  • A secure Copy utility. Under Windows I usually use WinSCP, there is also a portable app available for download.
  • A network monitor. Citrix ADC’s network traces are best viewed using their native format. Wireshark supports NetScaler Traces. That’s why I will use it throughout my labs.
  • A Text editor, capable to handle UNIX documents. There is a big difference between UNIX and Windows in terms of line breaks: UNIX uses a 0x0a (linefeed) while Windows uses 0x0d 0x0a (Carriage return linefeed). While any Linux-editor will be fine, I prefer notepad++ under windows.

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