What is this wonder-kitchen about?

Wonderkitchen is all about NetScaler, formerly called Citrix ADC. The idea is, to help you get started with Citrix NetScaler, to give you the proper lab environment you need.

You should attend an official Citrix Training class, even though this lab environment is good and well tested. It’s close to the official Citrix Education lab environment but does not use any Citrix code.

Citrix Education and its partners offer several classes on different levels. Just an official training will give you “all” you will need.

Current Citrix Education classes:

  • CNS 220: Citrix ADC (NetScaler) basic training for network engineers.
  • CNS 222: Citrix ADC (NetScaler) basic training for Virtual Apps and Desktops pros.
  • CNS 320: A class for advances network engineers, focussed on WAF, authentication (SAML, OAuth) and Citrix ADM.
  • CNS 420: The class for architects.

You should try to get certified. Certification tests are multiple-choice tests. The questionnaire is very much orientated on practical needs.

The chefs here at wonderkitchen.tk

This site had been designed by Elisabeth Norz. Give kudos to her, if you like the design.

Content had been developed by Johannes Norz, a long term Citrix certified expert (CCE-AppDS), Trainer (CCI) and Technology Advocate (CTA). CTA is an invitation-only certification for outstanding Citrix enthusiasts.


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